It’s a time-tested and proven recruiting process. We work it like a fine tuned machine, delivering candidates that are the perfect fit for your culture, team and desired skillset. Interested in how you can have the secret sauce? We’ll also train your team in effective Talent Acquisition strategies and processes.

Talent Acquisition Outsourcing

We both know it – we’re the experts. And that’s an advantage to you. Outsourcing your full Talent Acquisition function to The Pabulum Group allows you to have the capabilities of an expert in-house recruiting team – well versed in all aspects of effective Talent Acquisition and passionate about your business and what and who it takes to grow it effectively.

Direct Placement

In many cases business leaders don’t have the time they’d like to dedicate to the recruiting process, but getting it right is still a huge priority to them. In other cases, business leaders have struggled with finding the right fit and determined that they just don’t have very good luck in hiring. Whatever your reason, you’re in good hands. We dig deep to learn the ins and outs of your organization, its culture, personality, and quirks; we get to know your team; the nitty-gritty details of the position and then we go to work. We’ll deliver to you highly qualified candidates that will thrive in your culture. We do this through a time-tested, proven process – ensuring that the candidate’s we present to you have been living out your values well before ever landing on your doorstep.

Front-End Recruiting Support

Our Front-end Recruiting Support Service is designed to save you time and energy on the often dreaded stage of developing a job description, posting to the most effective job boards or social media outlets, and initial candidate screening. You can sit back and relax knowing that we’ll deliver all of the candidates that have the potential to fit the role, while leaving you in control of culture fit, face to face interviews, team interviews and deciding on the candidate that is right for you.


Talent Acquisition Training

Could your team use some training and development around recruiting, interviewing and/or hiring? We’ll empower your current team to be just as effective as our team. We’ll actually give you the secret sauce! You’ll just have to stick to it to reap the rewards.