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HR Services

People. That’s why. It’s why you get up every day and it’s why we do what we do. Our innovative approach to HR leadership, strategy, management and administration allows you to retain your company’s unique voice and employment experience while offering unmatched HR delivery. Let us be your entire HR department or supplement your already existing team.

Talent Acquisition

Want to know the secret sauce? It’s a time-tested and proven recruiting process. We work it like a fine tuned machine, delivering candidates that are the perfect fit for your culture, team and desired skillset. Interested in how you can have the secret sauce? We’ll also train your team in effective Talent Acquisition strategies and processes.

Talent Engagement

True Talent Engagement requires an understanding of the elements that actually make an engaged organization. Our tools for measurement, methodology for mutual leadership and staff accountability, and highly qualified consultants will deliver a Talent Engagement strategy with results that you can see in your retention, engagement, energy and that little thing we call profitability.


“Pabulum Group has a high level of expertise. I’m thrilled that my consultant treats our team like her own. I prefer to work with people who are efficient and effective and from my experience with Pabulum, you are both.”  Nichole Freije  Chief Executive Officer, Dyslexia Institute of Indiana
“[Pabulum Group is] a true partner and not a company that just wants to put someone in the position so that they make money. You can tell they care about the customer service aspect of the business.”  Shawn Severns  Director of Human Resources, Urology of Indiana
“Drawing on the extensive experience available in critical areas of human resources has been comforting and a great help. Everyone that I have interacted with is easy to work with, knowledgeable, and interesting. When we have an issue, solid solution options are offered. This includes policy, projects, and staffing needs.”  Steve Seibold  HR Manager, Comlux America

“A leader is someone who holds her- or himself accountable for finding potential in people and processes.”

Brené Brown

We exist to nurture the community within your business. We are a purpose-driven, people-centric solution intended to enable you to create your own unique universe built on sound business and people principles.

The Pabulum Group Team


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