HR Services


People. That’s why. It’s why you get up every day and it’s why we do what we do. Our innovative approach to HR leadership, strategy, management and administration allows you to retain your company’s unique voice and employment experience while offering unmatched HR delivery. Let us be your entire HR department or supplement your already existing team.

HR Strategy & Leadership

In small businesses HR strategy is often owned by the President, Founder, CEO or maybe even the CFO. In extreme cases it may even be given to an Office Manager. Strategy & leadership pertaining to your organization’s most valuable asset requires a great deal of time, expertise, planning and execution. It shouldn’t be compromised at the expense of high priority executive initiatives or a lack of knowledge and exposure to best practices. The Pabulum Group gives you the ability to access high-level executive strategy & leadership at a scale that meets your business and budgetary needs. In many cases, we are members of the Executive and Leadership Teams of our client organizations – intimately digging into the issues that are driving your business.

HR Management

Most organizations know that they would benefit from sound HR Management. At certain stages of growing a business, it is a tough budgetary line item to prioritize. With The Pabulum Group’s full HR Management solution, you get a full HR team scaled and priced to meet your current business needs, onsite and acting as a part of your team.

“Pabulum Group has a high level of expertise. I’m thrilled that my consultant treats our team like her own. I also like that my consultant answers my phone calls. It’s nice to feel like I have a full time person, even though I have a part time consultant.”

Nichole Freije

CEO, Dyslexia Institute of America

HR Administration

Sometimes it’s just the doing that needs done. The act of running payroll, entering new hires or managing benefits may become overwhelming. While it might be tempting to lay these tasks at the feet of your Office Admin, it can be an awfully costly mistake. The Pabulum Group offers an experienced HR Administration team skilled in payroll administration, benefits administration and HR Generalist initiatives, including policy development, handbook building and day-to-day HR execution for a fraction of the price of an Office Admin and none of the risk.

“Drawing on the extensive experience available in critical areas of human resources has been comforting and a great help. Everyone that I have interacted with is easy to work with, knowledgeable, and interesting. When we have an issue, solid solution options are offered. This includes policy, projects, and staffing needs.”

Steve Seibold

HR Manager, Comlux America

Supplemental Staffing

Do you have a short-term need for an HR Manager, Generalist, or Administrator? We’ve helped companies bridge maternity leave, unexpected turnover, and contract-to-hire staff. And we’re not just going to put a warm body in your open HR seat. We’ll work to assign a consultant that is a great fit for your culture and team, in addition to being qualified for your specific role.The added bonus for you is the full team of experts you have access to through The Pabulum Group.

“A true partner and not a company that just wants to put someone in the position so that they make money.”

Shawn Severns

VP of HR, Urology of Indiana

HR Challenges?

Looking for a partner to help you build your team? Perhaps you need to identify the right talent, improve your hiring processes or maybe you are interested in a Compensation Study or a Friendly HR Audit?